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About US

Our Main Objectives

The project provides diverse Tools for Caregivers of Seniors like Family, Migrants and formal personal aids.

To inform

inform Caregivers of Seniors Family members Migrants

Our primary objective is to inform informal caregivers, including family members, migrants, and personal aides, who often lack formal training. Through a user-friendly e-learning platform, we aim to provide essential knowledge, filling critical gaps in their understanding of the challenges associated with care-giving.

To educate

Tools to educate Caregivers of Seniors Family members Migrants

Building upon the foundational information, our initiative focuses on educating caregivers comprehensively. The e-learning platform will offer in-depth insights into the emotional, physical, and practical aspects of care-giving, fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities involved.

To train

In the final phase, we aim to equip caregivers with practical skills through a structured training program. This hands-on approach ensures that caregivers not only gain theoretical knowledge but also develop the necessary competencies to navigate real-world care-giving challenges confidently.

Our e-learning platform endeavors to empower informal caregivers with knowledge, education, and practical skills, fostering their confidence and competence in addressing the challenges of daily care-giving.

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