Our Partners

COOSS are a social cooperative which strives for care, assistance and promotion of the individual.

They recognize the fundamental right to have a fair quality of life; for this, they study, specialize and work every day with healthcare and self-care professionals.

They believe that every person is unique and they aim to protect him/her as their primary objective.


Via Saffi, 4 – 60121 Ancona (AN)

Tel: 00459560421

Email: info@cooss.marche.it

Website: https://www.cooss.it/en/

FRODIZO is a non-profit organization, establi

FRODIZO is a non-profit organization, established in the Patras area in 2009 with volunteers from the health and social care sector promoting rights and general support. elderly people, patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and their families. Frodizo is a member of the Hellenic Federation of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders and the Association of Social Entities “Solidarity Pillars-Kostis Stefanopoulos”.


Fanariou str. 25, PC 26226, Patras

Torggatan 1 in Delsbo

Tel: +30 261 024 0242

Email: info@frodizo.gr

Website: https://frodizo.gr/

Hudiksvall Municipality is one of Sweden’s 290 municipalities, situated in Gävleborg County, east central Sweden. Its seat is in the city Hudiksvall. The present municipality was formed in 1971 when the City of Hudiksvall was amalgamated with four surrounding rural municipalities.


Trädgårdsgatan 4, 824 80 Hudiksvall

Torggatan 1 in Delsbo

Tel:  0650-190 00

Email: kommun@hudiksvall.se

Website: https://www.hudiksvall.se/

InterMediaKT (Interactive Media Knowledge Transfer) is an NGO based in Patras, Greece, working since 2012 in the fields of education, training and innovation at the European level.

Through technology tools, collaborations and the exchange of good practices, we try to achieve our main aim of Knowledge Transfer.


Agiou Andreou 27, second floor, Patras 26221, Greece

Tel: +30 2610220515

Email: info@intermediakt.org

Website: https://intermediakt.org

EvenTurku UAS is a higher education Institution of 13,000 experts, researchers, students, faculty members and teaching professionals. They create solutions of a better tomorrow, both regionally and globally.


Rector’s Office / Rehtorin toimisto Joukahaisenkatu 3 20520 Turku

Tel: +30 2610220515

Email: kirjaamo@turkuamk.fi

Website: https://www.tuas.fi/en/

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